No sunshine.

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Good morning!
Yes, I actually got out of bed like 20 minutes ago. Shame on me, I know. But I see no loss right now cause it's grey and cloudy outside, though I was promised sunshine from the internet when I went to bed yesterday. Hmpfh. Hopefully it will get better during the day.
Enough about the weather. I've been in Umeå since Wednesday and when we got back home yesterday I just got really depressed, how can anyone life here? I think my body just rejects this place now cause I just wanna lay down and stare into nothing when I'm home. Super productive.
Okey other than being really negative right now (I'm actually not at all in a bad mood) I'm sitting and waiting for some massive muscle soreness in my legs from yesterday to kick in, I just know it's coming.. Better to prepare for not moving at all after lunch.
Dumdidumdum.. Yeah I really didn't have anything interesting to write but I just thought I would show that I'm still alive. And now you know!
Hope you have a wonderful day :)
Lunch with Bestis.
Saw Despicable Me 2 and it was FRICKING AWESOME! ♥


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Woho, procrastination. I know I said I was gonna post some pictures for you guys, but yeah.. Who am I kidding? I should just stop saying specific times and just go by 'later' or 'in the near future'. I'm so lazy.
Anyways, I'm going to Umeå today. Wiho! Though since I actually have things to do for once I can't help but feel insanely stressed, as usual. Going somewhere always makes me stressed as hell so I have no idea why I keep traveling around all the time.. I guess I'm at a point where I'm so fricking sick of this place that I rather stressed myself out than stay here.
So now I don't have to be here for like three days. I'm going to the movies with Rick tonight and it felt so unnecessary to take the train back home tomorrow when he's driving home on friday, so I'll just stay. Hopefully it'll be nice weather so I can at least by outside.. And since my lovely Manda wasn't there at the time being, I just have to entertain myself.
Ehm, that was pretty much it. Now I've been wasting enough time at just sitting here writing, not good. Off to the gym!
Hope you all have a fantastic day!
Picture from last week, the day I had the laundry room. Sometimes I regret taking an apartment on the top floor.

Ordinary Monday.

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So I've just spent 1,5 hour laughing at my past self. I'm actually mindblown on how many selfies one can have and I just.. Well I'm speechless to be honest. All folders named "me" is literally just 15-30 pictures of me in different poses, it's funny and sad at the same time. Oh 18-year-old me.
Ehm I've now put off taking a walk for about 3 hours and just realized that the internet says it's gonna rain soon. So now I really need to get my butt out and do some walking. Like right now.
So I hope you all have a great.. lunch time or something and I'll write more later!
And the amount of leet photos.

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