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I have severe procrastination issues for the moment, for some wierd reason. I've now been reading my own damn blog for just about an hour.. Came to the realization that I need to stop being seriously nerdy. Like, oh my god, I need to stop.
Please, someone give me some sort of life so that I can stop writing about how much computer I play, cause it's just.. So depressing.
I've also managed to get stuck in youtube-loop after youtube-loop for the past week, and there's just no getting out. You know when you start clicking one video and then you open new videos in new tabs for future watch and then they just multiply and in the end you sit there, 6 hours later, with 25 different youtube tabs and you're like - what THE HELL?
Metaphorically speaking of course, it's not like that actually happened to me....... Nice weather outside you guys!
Oh well, enough of this.
Hope you all have an absolute wonderful and productive day today.
TBT from -08 of me being myself!


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