Still alive.

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Hey you,
I'm actually still alive and well aware that I haven't written anything in a shitload of time. But I have a reason. No I really don't. I'm just lazy. I'm sorry.
But I have actually been living in Umeå for the last two weeks and I left my computer at home, rookie mistake. It was a hard time but luckily I had an awesome gym that totally made up for it.
We actually came back home two days ago, I just haven't felt like writing anything. Been busy hanging with my BFF and re-rewatching Happy Endings for some reason. Just nerding it up as usual.
Lol, so yesterday we had the worst thunderstorm ever and I was seriously scared the entire time. I don't know why, but I just get more cowardly the older I get. I was really sure that the lightning would strike me if I moved an inche, even though I was inside, so I just sat completely still for 20 minutes until it had passed. Yeah, I'll protect the heck outta you. Not really, if something terrible happens around me, run. Run as far away from me as possible cause I will use you as my shield and you will probably die.
Moving on.
So apparently that was all I had to say, everything else just seemed insanely irrelative to.. anything. I guess all I have left to do now is going to bed.
Sweet dreams everybody!


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