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Hai there,
Wow I really don't have anything at all to say anymore, my life is really not that interesting. It just consist of me trying to stay active and not skipping the gym and laying in the sofa trying not to freeze to death.. Starting to think I might be sick, I don't normally freeze this much. 
Walked to Dollar yesterday, simply because I was really bored and the weather was depressing. Also I needed toothpaste. Ehm, yeah.
I think all the candy from this weekend has made my brain slow, it's not used to getting this much sugar. Ordered some new stuff from mmsports yesterday and hopefully it will get me going again!
Had lunch with my mum today actually! This month is going to be really wierd for our family cause we will almost never be home at the same time. My parents are going away on holiday for two weeks on Friday and my brother is going to Stockholm to watch Macklemore. And when my parents comes back I'm going to Norrköping and won't be home until the 1st of November. Think my brother was gonna travel south sometime this month also so, better to spend some time with them while I can!
Oh well, I think I need to do something active so I won't get lazy before going to the gym!
Hope you'll have a wonderful day :)

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