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Hai there,
I just realized that it's almost 4 p.m and I don't really know what I've done today. I got up at around 9 so I didn't sleep that long.. So what have I done all this time? Well I guess there's no harm in that, just means one less day to be lonely.
Went to Umeå yesterday with my brother cause we were both bored and there's really nothing else to do.. It was fun! Walked a hell lot and got some tasty sandwishes, as usual. But I forgot my 3DS in his car when we got home, so I pretty much spend my evening rocking back and forth in a corner. And I wonder why I don't have any friends..
This evening will be spent making food for the rest of the week so I don't have to think about that anymore! And probably some minor cleaning if there's nothing on tv (so cleaning).
And also counting the days until sis is coming here! can't wait ♥ 
Well I guess that is all - have a wonderful evening and stay positive!
Also spent all weekend making these for the upcoming market in a couple of weeks!

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