Animal Crossing.

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Well hai there,
So how are you? Good? Well that's splendid, isn't it. Ehm, I've been busy playi.. Doing something very productive. No, I've been playing Animal Crossing for the last few days. Like insanely having-to-charge-it-twice-a-day kind of gaming.. Feeling very happy with my life - in the game. Why can't you make a living off gathering bugs and shells in real life? Damn you life.
Anyways, I were actually away this weekend and did normal people stuff. Like went to the cinema and drank my first coffee.. As all 23-year-olds do. Still can't stand the taste of it, it's really gross, but it sure made it better with icecream and whipped cream in it! I really needed the coffein cause I fell asleep in my car on a parking lot so.. Yeah.
Watched Pacific Rim in 3D. Now I'm not a judgemental person when it comes to movies, I often just generally like most of the movies I watch. This was actually the first time I've ever wanted to leave in the middle of a movie. It was SO BAD that I just couldn't bother to know the ending.. Cause I pretty much knew where it was heading. But I didn't leave.. I thought I could give it another chance and at least enjoy the effects, cause it was a really cool movie. The thing about it was that they had probably found every bad actor in the world and starred them in this movie, cause it was just soo bad. Like Kirsten Stewart bad.
It could've been a fantastic movie if there had been completely different actors and some lines where changed.. Cause some things were just I-want-to-stab-myself-it's-so-awkward kind of bad.
And to rap this up I'm going to have lunch with my mother and should probably get dressed!
Have a wonderful day.


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