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Good morning,
So I was actually gonna write yesterday, but when I got here I started changing my design and then ended up looking through countless of old pictures. And laughing. It's scary how much you forget along the way without even knowing. So I love that I took insanely many pictures when I was younger, though this is why I'm mentally still in the year after graduation cause I have no proof that the past few years have actually happened.
The most depressing thing though, is that I found a map with pictures from a trip that I took with my class in 2003 and I actually still use the clothes I had in those pictures. But I mean, why change something that works - am I right?
Oh well, now I'm gonna do something with my day. Might ask my brother to take me out buying candles.. Our apartment is so damn cold that I need to light candles to keep warm. Real classy.
Hope your day turns out amazing!
TBT - Åsele 2008


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