So tired.

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Hai guys,
I am so insanely tired today and I have no idea why. Didn't sleep too much, got up at a reasonable time, went to the gym with my brother and yeah.. Why am I so tired I wanna die? Guess I'm just having one of those days where you're tired for no reason. Yay.
Realized that I have absolutely nothing to say, haha. Wow, yeah.. Okey, I'll just give you some awesome music then and be on my way!
Have a wonderful day!

Way away.

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Well hai there,
So. Ehm. So! I haven't turned my computer on at all this week, I think, which is why I haven't written anything /logic. Yay me for having an actual reason for not writing *silly dancing*. Pictured AmazingPhil sit-dancing there.. Just spent hours watching youtube videos. Need to stop that.
I'm all alone this weekend, hence the lack of moving at all tonight. What, of course I move a lot every other day.. Don't know what you're implying here.
We did actually go to Nolia in Umeå on Wednesday, walked around there for about three hours (?), I don't really know. It was not at all how I remembered it, it was really dull. I got slightly depressed but hey, I got to eat souvas so.. I'm good! Then I went to Stadium and bought a bag. Why be different and buy something in a different place when you can go to a regular store and buy something everyone owns, yaaay.
Okey, enough with the sarcasm.
And like that wasn't enough - we went to the zoo yesterday! Omg, two active things in a row, is this real life?! Yes, yes it is. We had some free tickets that we got from the landlord (?) so we thought we just go to pass the time (cause I mean, I would never in a million years pay 160kr per person to go to my logal zoo that I can pretty much watch for the top of our building).
It was really fun actually. We won four stuffed animals and I got to feed a shitload of bunnies! The dream! But now I really want a bunny.. They are so cute! I felt bad for all the kids around me though cause I'm such a master of bunnies that all the bunnies just gathered in front of me and the kids just sat there with their grass.. Pff, no bunny will love you for grass, you need some fancy leaves.
So after spending like half of the time with the bunnies, we desided to go home after four hours. The exercise of the day right there. 
And now I've been jabbering for a reasonable period of time and you can now enjoy some bunnies! Hurray!
Have a wonderful evening.

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