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So my hard drive broke down like two weeks ago and at first I just ignored the problem cause I didn't really know how to cope with not having a computer. But last week I realized I still had one year of warranty left, so I just need to send it in and I will get a new one, thank god. And yesterday I remembered that I had an old hard drive somewhere in the storage room so I went looking for it and found it! So now I have a functioning computer and I can finally play again - world peace restored!
Other than that, I'm all alone for two whole weeks now! How will I manage?! I don't understand how people can actually live alone all the time, there's nothing to do and everything scares me, haha. But luckily my beloved sister is coming to town in Friday and I can't wait! ♥ 
Yeah, well now you know why I haven't been writing anything so..  I guess that's all!
Have a wonderful day :)


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So I'm really not interesting at all right now (like I ever were). All I do is go to the gym (whenever it feels like being open), make food and play Maplestory. Bitches be crazy.
I actually went outside yesterday - woh! And I got up at a reasonable time as well! Oh, yesterday was a crazy as day. Went to my parents house to check the status while they're gone, ate an ice cream and I think I fell asleep on their lawn. And then I made sushi for dinner! Great times.
Today has not started out as good. Just got up from bed and I really don't feel like going out.. It's shitty weather and I just wanna eat the sushi leftovers and play Maplestory all day! But wait, I can do whatever I want. Prepare!
Hope you have a marvelous day!

Vanlig fredagkväll.

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Ehm, jag hade tänkt göra så mycket ikväll när Rick var borta men det enda jag lyckats åstadkomma är att jag har duschat.. Väldigt produktivt.
Vad har jag annars gjord då kan man ju undra? Yeah - I've been on Tumblr. Like for hours. Doing nothing.
Gosch I'm messed up.
Nu ska jag kamma håret och sedan gå och lägga mig. But I'll probably not.
Sleep tight!

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