Home sweet home.

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I'm back home again!
So after being away for what seems like forever, I'm finally home in my dear apartment again. But we actually got home to Lycksele several hours ago, but I've been at my parents - eating dinner and what not. And then when I actually got home, I had so much internetting to catch up with that I totally lost my time perspective.. So wierd, that never happens to me. Yeah.
But now I'm all home and it feels so damn good. Though I've had an awesome time (and I will put picture up.. tomorrow?) it's always insanely nice to come home. And I just feel that I'm going to sleep so damn well tonight after sleeping in a trailor for three nights, it's going to be neat.
First thing I did though when I got home was to open the bedroom window, cause the sun is just shining into the apartment from noon till well after dinnertime so it's always so fricking hot when I'm going to bed. But yeah, I opened the window and there was this massive (probably not the big) spider, just chilling between the window and the wall and I'm just.. I just smashed that window shut. Hopefully it won't rain tomorrow now because of that, and hopefully it won't manage to crawl out and attack me in my sleep.. 
So that's about it for now. I'm now going to rip my clothes off and lay in the shower till my body stops imagining that there's spiders everywhere.
Have a great nights sleep!


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