Dark times.

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Hey there,
So it's been four days since I came home from Norrköping and I am already so sick of this town. Coming home to white surroundings and grey skies, rain mixed with snow and just in general a depressing sight is not at all what I wanted. I've been constantly surrounded by people for about ten days straight and now I'm completely alone and it makes me question why I even went back home to begin with.
I could've just stayed down there until Christmas and then gone back down again until the lease for our apartment runs out and we can finally move away from here. Holy shit, I can't wait for that to happen any sooner.
I've always said that I hate that I never got to experience living alone when I first moved out from my parents house, but now I'm just grateful as fuck (yes, it even required some cursing). Living alone is so insanely awful that I don't really know if I would've done anything at all with my days if I had lived alone. So kudos to all of you who live alone every day of the year, I don't know how you do it.
So I was gonna end on a happier note but after staring at the screen for several minutes I realized that I don't really have anything happy to end with. My apologies guys, I'll get back to you when I have something nicer to contribute with. I can share some photos from my Instagram to lighten up the mood.
Hope your day is amazing!


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